The Law Office of Laura Heard


What makes me different?

"A big part of my practice is counseling people, helping them to cope and realize that things will get better. 

Those lawyers that do a great deal of advertising on television often assign their cases out, most to young lawyers. I don't do that. When you hire my law firm, you get me. I'm the one who takes care of each and every case that this law firm takes on."

                  -Laura D. Heard

The LD Heard Law Firm 

"Justice Flows From Truth, Persistence,

Compassion and  Wisdom"

Laura Heard's clients can be assured that she will work hard to assist them in coping with the emotional, financial and legal challenges that accompany family law issues. Laura and her staff work as a team to make sure every client is given personal attention.

Laura is known for being calm under pressure and knowledgeable. She represents people from all walks of life, including children in foster care, couples confronting divorce, individuals charged with a crime, the elderly and many others. Whether you’re on the side of the prosecution or the side of the defense, you can rest assured that we’re on your side. 

Laura Heard handles divorce and estate cases all across the state of Texas. She is knowledgeable with local customs from the different counties and is familiar with the different judges and courts.  

Concern & Trust