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I thought I only needed a guide to help me through a child support hearing when I hired Laura. Little did I know of the roller coaster ride ahead. I was grateful for her kindness and guiding hand through each step of the process. I went in to the courthouse each time knowing what to expect and what I needed to do. Through several resets, a temporary orders hearing, and the children's father deciding he wanted to have full custody so child support would no longer be an issue, Laura was by my side.

She was always patient and I knew that her Christian values lined up with my own and helped to make decisions about what was best and not just what was easy or what got the most money. In the end, I received more than I had expected (including attorney's fees paid by the father), and I felt good about the process. I was not ashamed of what I had just been through, as I thought I might be, but I felt vindicated, like I had not been asking too much, but received exactly what God had intended. I have recommended her several times over and am grateful to have had this experience.

– Anonymous