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FAQ's are general information only and should not be used as a substitute for speaking with an attorney about your specific facts. Nothing contained in this website constitutes legal advice. Attorney - Client relationships are established with the LD Heard Law Firm only by a written contract signed by all parties.

How much does a divorce cost?

An important question, but one without a quick answer. Our hourly rate is a set amount, which will be clearly explained to you, verbally and in writing, but there is no certainty in the estimate of how many hours which will be necessary to provide you with the level of representation you seek, or those your case demands prior to resolution. As you might imagine, a divorce of short duration, no children, and little or no property will require fewer hours than a case with entirely different facts. Furthermore, cases often take on a "life of their own", sometimes spawning issues which were originally thought to be of little consequence, while conversely, sometimes a settlement is reached when all thought settlement would be impossible. Things happen. During the course of representation, you will be provided with a monthly bill itemizing the hours, expenses, fees and cost incurred. 

Will I be charged a consultation fee?

Yes, you will be charged for your initial consultation. Our time, like your case, is important, and both have value. During your initial visit it is quite likely that much will be discussed, and learned. We do not want your first visit, or any visit, to be a waste of time, yours or ours. We offer a reduced rate of $200 for the first hour (consultation). 

If we get divorced, how do we divide the property?

You and your spouse can agree on how to divide the property. But if you are unable to reach an agreement, your attorney, and the courts can help resolve that issue. With complicated issues like investments and retirement funds, a qualified attorney can help you evaluate these needs. Once an order is entered for the division of property, the attorney can assist with deeds and other title transfer documents.

How much child support must I pay if we get divorced?

In Texas, the amount of child support you would pay if divorced is based on several variables, including: how many children you have, your income, and any special needs the children may have. It could be adjusted, based on a change in income or circumstances, and is usually paid until the child reaches 18, completed high school, or even later depending on the circumstances. It is best to consult with an attorney who can give you specific advice relating to your situation. To know the exact amount of your child support, the attorney will need to know about ALL your sources of income, including gross pay, bonuses, commissions, or other income. 

Do I need a will?

You might need a will if you have children and/or have property. A will is the best way to distribute your assets or property in the manner you choose and to the people you select. A will usually makes the process much less expensive and time-consuming for your loved ones.

What is the difference between a "living will" and a "living trust"?

There is a major difference between these two documents. The Living Will, known as a "Directive to Physicians" tells your doctor whether you wish for artificial life support if you become unconscious or unable to communicate your medical choices or not. A Directive to Physicians is similar in purpose to a medical power of attorney but is broader in scope. A Living Trust has nothing to do with medical care, other than perhaps the payment for medical care. A Living Trust distributes your property, and may be used as a substitute for a will. Living trusts are often used to avoid estate taxes. 

What is a Medical Power of Attorney?

A medical power of attorney allows a family member, or whomever you choose as your agent, to act on your behalf, should you be hospitalized and unable to make decisions for yourself. It gives that responsibility to a family member so that your medical wishes and choices are followed.