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MEDIATION is a proven method for resolving disputes in a way that allows the parties to take control of their own settlement. No one is forced to make a settlement, but the method has been highly successful in many cases, even highly contested cases. Once a written mediated settlement agreement is signed by both parties, it becomes binding and enforceable. 






Laura D. Heard

Attorney and Mediator

Laura D. Heard (Attorney) has been practicing law in Texas for the last 33 years. Over the years, she has participated as an attorney for disputants in many mediations. Laura has represented people in a wide variety of cases, including but not limited to contract disputes, family law, probate and will contests, worker's compensation, employment discrimination, personal injury, child abuse, criminal law, guardianships, adoptions, trusts, appeals, landlord/tenant disputes, real estate, fraud and more. While her legal practice is limited now to family law, estate planning and probate, her mediation practice can involve any type of dispute. 

John D. Heard

Paralegal and Mediator

John D. Heard has an associate's degree in legal assisting and a bachelor's degree in business management, and has work experience as a paralegal in many different areas of law in San Antonio since the 1990s, focusing mainly on personal injury, construction litigation and deceptive trade practice litigation. John has been exposed to a broad range of disputes, such as family, commercial, personal injury, employment, and neighborhood mediations. 

John and Laura are candidate members in the Texas Mediator's Association. Together, they can co-mediate cases or either may mediate separately. Laura D. Heard may be hired to be an attorney advocating for one particular party, or as a neutral mediator to help resolve the dispute, but she cannot be both. A mediator does not give legal advice. If hired as a mediator between two parties, Laura cannot later represent one of those parties in court for that same dispute. Everything said in mediation is protected by rules of confidentiality, which will be explained at the start of every mediation.  

When you call, please indicate whether you are interested in hiring John and/or Laura as neutral mediators, or if you are looking to hire Laura as your attorney to be your legal advisor and advocate for you alone.

Initial consultations for mediation only are done by telephone at no charge, and no legal advice is given.