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I would like to say that Laura is an AWESOME attorney. I really agree with her response to the other review and that some people are going to make things up in attempt to hurt an attorney. I would reccomend Laura to everyone I know. If you are looking for a good attorney take advantage of her free consultation it will make your decision making much easier. She truly is great.

Matt H.

I thought I only needed a guide to help me through a child support hearing when I hired Laura. Little did I know of the roller coaster ride ahead. I was grateful for her kindness and guiding hand through each step of the process. I went in to the courthouse each time knowing what to expect and what I needed to do. Through several resets, a temporary orders hearing, and the children's father deciding he wanted to have full custody so child support would no longer be an issue, Laura was by my side. She was always patient and I knew that her Christian values lined up with my own and helped to make decisions about what was best and not just what was easy or what got the most money. In the end, I received more than I had expected (including attorney's fees paid by the father), and I felt good about the process. I was not ashamed of what I had just been through, as I thought I might be, but I felt vindicated, like I had not been asking too much, but received exactly what God had intended. I have recommended her several times over and am grateful to have had this experience.

Posted by a client 
April 25, 2016

9.2Laura D. Heard

I have known Laura for over 25 years. She is a consummate professional but her most outstanding characteristic is her high moral and ethical standards. I live in Fort Worth but chose to use someone I knew and trusted for my legal services. Laura is a very warm and caring person and I highly recommend her to anyone needing legal services.


Attorney Laura Heard helped me and my husband with estate issues. Laura met with us at our convenience. She filed the necessary papers for us at the courthouse and kept us informed as she completed legal issues on our behalf. I highly recommend Laura in the area of wills, estate issues, and family affairs. She is honest, forthright, and has a gentle manner about her.

Posted by Diane 
December 4, 2014

Laura Heard is extremely intelligent and coupled with a straight-forward demeanor is able to cut thru a lot of -- without not only not offending the other party but earns their respect which results in very favorable outcomes for me and 2 other clients I spoke with

Posted by Jon 
December 5, 2014


Laura and her team helped me settle the estate of my mother. She was available and did an excellent job for me. Laura and team are professional but friendly and made me feel confident and in safe hands.

Posted by a client 
December 4, 2014

Same here. Laura Heard beat the pants off my attorney in my divorce with my ex=wife. Now if someone asks me for the name of a good divorce attorney, I give them her name.


Laura Heard was my husband's attorney in my divorce. I thought I had a good attorney, but he gave Laura everything she wanted. After she took my deposition, I knew I had lost. Now I refer all my friends to Laura Heard, not to the attorney I used. Laura Heard has done a good job for everyone I sent to her.