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Post-divorce Modification

After a divorce has been finalized, things for the most part, remain exactly as  the divorce decree stipulates, yet there are times after the divorce people    seek modifications.  Perhaps one person is not living up to their responsibilities  based on the divorce agreement. Maybe one spouse wants to leave the state. Or one parent has lost their job. When a person's living or financial  situation changes dramatically after a divorce, and they are unable to meet their responsibilities, or if a spouse appears to be a threat to the children, either the custodial or non-custodial parent may need to contact a divorce attorney to inquire about modifying some of the decisions regarding child support, visitation, child custody orders, alimony, property or debts. 

For any parent who wants or needs to make a modification, the first step is showing the reason for the request. Keep in mind that minor disagreements between parents will not be enough reason to make changes to the divorce. Most states require that there must be a significant change in circumstances or they will not consider modifying a divorce judgment. In many cases, a divorce attorney can help parents reach reasonable agreements outside of court.