Thoughts of reconciliation are quite common. With many couples, they are able to work things out, but for some, even with hard work and counseling, they find their marriage end in divorce. Reconciliation is having two people willing to dedicate themselves 100% to putting the marriage back together. Unfortunately, sometimes couples are so hurt by that counseling cannot help. For reconciliation to work, both the husband and wife have to not only forgive, but start trusting again. If you are committed to the marriage and decide to work things through, then you might be able to put the pieces of your marriage back together again. Forgiveness is necessary for a successful reconciliation.  If you truly want to work things out in the marriage, you have to be able to forgive. Only then can the marriage begin to grow.

  • Should we try and repair our marriage?

  • How do I know that my spouse won't leave me again?

  • What steps should we take to put our marriage back together?


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Is getting back together a good idea?

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When facing divorce, it is only natural to consider reconciliation. Sometimes, reconciling can work, but it requires a commitment from both spouses to change.