Sometimes it’s difficult to work with your ex-spouse on major parenting decisions. If you’re in a situation that’s tense and filled with conflict with your ex-spouse, coming to an agreement on certain issues like child custody or child support can be difficult. Often, the best way to resolve the issues and come together for a common goal is through mediation. That said, traditional mediation could make things worse, depending on how unstable the relationship is.

A great option for couples in a high tension co-parenting situation is transformative mediation. Transformative mediation focuses on creating communication between parents, rather than focusing on the other issues at hand. Transformative mediation makes co-parenting easier, which can often end up settling current issues. If you are currently in a high conflict co-parenting situation and need help moving forward to create a better environment for your child, contact our law firm at (210) 775-0353 to see how transformative mediation can help you in the future.

What’s The Difference Between Transformative Mediation and Traditional Mediation?

The biggest difference between transformative mediation and traditional mediation is the ultimate goal. Traditional mediation focuses on the specific issues at hand. This means working together to agree on various terms. While this focuses on an issue, transformative mediation is more of a person-centered approach. Transformative mediation targets the deeper problem, rather than the specific disagreement. Traditional mediation takes place with the couple together, working with a third party mediator. Transformative mediation is often in separate spaces to keep each spouse apart until the communication issues are resolved and they are ready to move into a joint session.

Is Transformative Mediation Worth It?

Co-parenting over the years without working out your differences can be very tough. It can also have a lasting effect on your child. Transformative mediation can help you and your spouse work through problems in order to communicate more clearly. Having effective communication in your relationship can help down the road, as well, should more disagreements arise. Contact our San Antonio family law firm today to learn more about the benefits of transformative mediation you and your child may find.

Do I Need a Family Lawyer?

Laura D. Heard Law Firm Inc. understands the benefits of transformative mediation, and can help you today. Our mediator and legal team can break down the entire process to make it as easy as possible for you and your child’s other parent. Putting your child first may mean setting aside your differences and compromising during mediation. Let us help you find the best way to communicate clearly and create a happy, healthy environment for your child. Contact us today at (210) 775-0353 to learn more about the transformative mediation process.