Sometimes, for various reasons, a child’s biological parents may not be the best parents for the child, or may not be available to take care of the child full time. Fortunately, a child’s family members can legally step in and adopt the child. An adoption would grant the family members full legal parental rights.

Often, the child already knows his family members, so going to live with them is the most natural alternative to his biological parents. In certain situations, the parents have had a hostile relationship, or passed on, and the child is already living with grandparents or a family member. Ensuring the safety and happiness of the child is the number one priority. An experienced adoption attorney can answer questions and make sure the child has the ability to stay with family. Call us today at  (210) 775-0353 to get the advice and representation you need for your grandparent or relative adoption.

How Much Does a Grandparent or Relative Adoption Cost?

A grandparent or relative adoption can be much more economical than a traditional adoption. While you will still have to pay attorneys fees and a handful of legal forms, most adoptive family members will qualify for an adoption tax credit which can reduce your income tax by the amount of your adoption expenses. Let our group of family law attorneys guide you through your potential adoption today.

How Long Is the Adoption Process?

If the current parent doesn’t have any hesitation or disputes, the process of adopting a family member is usually just one to three months. The majority of that time is waiting to schedule a hearing with the specific judge assigned to the relative adoption case. In a relative adoption, the order to terminate the current parent’s rights does not have to be done beforehand, so the entire process (the termination plus the adoption) can be done in one proceeding. That said, every adoption is unique, and you want to make sure you have someone experienced by your side looking out for your family.

What Is the Process of Adopting a Relative?

A grandparent or relative adoption in San Antonio is a short process, but it’s all pretty complex. The first step is the filing of a Petition for Adoption. Once the petition is filed, the case is assigned to a judge and your attorney will schedule a court hearing. At the hearing, your judge will sign a judgment of adoption, which officially grants the relatives full parental rights and terminates the rights of the biological parents.

Every adoption case is different, let our family law firm assist you with whatever adoption related needs you may have. Contact Laura D. Heard Law Firm Inc. today at (210) 775-0353.