Child support can be a huge help for many parents across San Antonio. Based on the average person’s income, it may be difficult to give your child the things they need to be healthy and successful without the help of child support. That said, every parent needs to be aware child support benefits do not last forever, no matter how long your child is in your custody. As your child grows up, the things they need to prosper will likely change, and you may need to adapt to their changing needs.

Often, child support payments remain an ongoing benefit until the child turns 21. That said, child support payments could end early if the parent receiving child support files a form attesting to the child’s emancipation. Parents should know, however, that each child support case is different. If your child plans to attend college, parents may be required to supply ongoing support so that the child is able to make college-related obligations. In any case, contacting our experienced San Antonio law firm can clear up any questions you may have regarding child support. Contact us today at (210) 775-0353 to learn more.

What If My Child Has An Extraordinary Medical Requirement?

As children grow, their circumstances may evolve while they’re under your custody. Each child deserves the best health care possible, and that may require additional support. If your child has special medical needs, the non-custodial parent may be required to provide additional support in order to make sure the child is healthy and happy. Contact a family lawyer in San Antonio today to see just how your child’s medical requirements may affect your child support payments in the future.

Does Joint Custody Change How Child Support Works?

The difference in child support when it comes to sole custody VS joint custody can be confusing. The amount of child support needed can vary depending on how much support you need. With sole custody, you have the sole legal responsibility to take care of your child. Therefore, you may receive more child support than someone who shares responsibility for their child in joint custody. A parent with joint custody shares parenting time, and likely, responsibilities, therefore the court may decide to reduce the amount of support they need to pay.

How Can a Child Support Attorney Help Me?

Child support-related issues can be sensitive and confusing. San Antonio law regarding child support is very specific. It is important to have strong legal representation by your side helping you along the way. Contact Laura D. Heard Law Firm Inc. today by calling (210) 775-0353 to get the help you deserve.