Setting up a premarital agreement is an easy way to protect your personal assets going into marriage. Usually, premarital agreements include a list of the property owned by each person entering into marriage; personal debts are often included as well. The terms of the agreement define what each person’s rights will be if the marriage ever comes to an end, as well as how income, expenses, and assets will be handled during the marriage.

Marital agreements are effective at the time of marriage, and make sure there is no confusion about how things in the marriage are supposed to go.  Our law firm can work directly with you to set up a professional marital agreement that you and your spouse agree on. Contact Laura D. Heard Law Firm Inc. in San Antonio today by calling (210) 775-0353 and speak to an attorney. We are ready to handle family law cases of every nature, including those involving premarital agreements

Why Should I Get A Post Marital Agreement?

Many couples avoid setting up a post-marital agreement because they believe it starts a marriage with the mindset that it may fail. However, with more marriages than ever ending in divorce, this realistic approach to marriage can help avoid potential stress in the future. If the marriage does end in divorce, a post-marital agreement can allow both parties to go their separate ways and avoid lengthy and contested divorce disputes. It can also help both parties understand what their partner expects of them. This understanding can lay the groundwork for a phenomenal partnership. A marital agreement can help couples get comfortable with all kinds of issues that may create conflict down the road, including Income/expense sharing, assets, and debt.

Can I Get A Post Marital Agreement?

For couples who did not set up a premarital agreement before marriage, it is not too late to seek legal protection in the event of a divorce. Post-marital agreements are a great new way of protecting assets and other interests after marriage. This type of agreement can provide individuals with peace of mind regarding their rights and interests during marriage. At Laura D. Heard Law Firm Inc., we assist individuals and couples with setting up marital agreements that are both effective and personal. Call us today!

Can I Revoke Or Amend A Marital Agreement?

Premarital agreements and postmarital agreements can be amended or revoked after marriage by written contracts signed by both parties provided that every responsibility listed, including financial disclosures, are complied with. Reach out to Laura D. Heard Law Firm Inc. today to take advantage of what a good family attorney can do for you. Call us at (210) 775-0353 to speak to our marriage legal team about your situation.