The question has been asked, “Is the father of my child responsible for half of my medical bills that I incurred while pregnant in Texas?” 

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A question was posed on my Tik Tok video asking whether the father of her child could be responsible for half of her medical bills. Every case is different and the answer could vary based on the detailed facts. I can only speak in general based on the hypothetical facts given. In this case, the writer stated that she was in the hospital for the majority of her pregnancy due to pregnancy-related complications. The father of her child, and she, split up about three months into the pregnancy, and he has not done anything to help with the medical bills. Because they were not married, she is asking whether or not he can be forced to pay part of her medical bills. The answer is “yes,” it is possible that the Texas court can order him to pay at least part of the cost of the pregnancy medical expenses as child support.Two individuals who parent a child together, even though not married, are each responsible for the child support. Even though they were never married, a child support suit can be filed, which is a “Suit Affecting Parent-Child Relationship” that would order him to pay those medical expenses related to the birth of the child once it is judicially determined that he is the biological father of the child. If he is ordered to do that, it would be considered child support and the attorney general would enforce it as child support. That means a monthly payment can be deducted from his paycheck before he receives his pay. Of course, the mother will have to prove that amount of the medical expenses with documentation and prove that the expenses were related to the birth of the child.