When it comes to your estate plan, it should include more than just a will. If you have children or are a caretaker for an incapacitated adult, you need to have a guardianship in place. This will ensure your kids or loved ones are taken care of after you pass on. Trusts can also be a good tool to pass on assets and control the plan while you’re still alive. Many people choose to appoint a health care agent and power of attorney to make the major decisions for you when you cannot, and a health care directive can specify your medical wishes for you as well.

Overall, while a will mainly focuses on the distribution of assets, your estate is more of a comprehensive picture of you, and how you want decisions made on your behalf in the future. Call Laura D. Heard Law Firm Inc today at (210) 775-0353 to setup a professional estate plan

Are Estate Plans Only For The Super Rich?

Film and television have created a false idea that only the hyper wealthy and famous need an estate plan. The truth is that every single person can benefit from some version of an estate plan. Proper life planning can help your family and friends avoid an extensive and expensive probate process when you pass away, as well as specify how you want to disperse your assets.

Our lawyers work with estate plans of every size and budget. Let our group of attorney’s setup a plan for you, moving forward.

When Should I Start Preparing My Estate Plan?

There is no specific date or age when you are expected to set up your estate plan, but everyone should have one in place sooner rather than later. If an emergency happened, and you passed away unexpectedly, without an estate plan, everything you have going to a person or company you would not have picked to inherit your various assets. Hiring a good family law attorney in San Antonio can really help make sure your estate plan is set up properly and put to use in the future.

Do I Ever Need To Update My Estate Plan?

If you set up your estate plan a few years ago or longer, there’s a chance it will be in your best interest to update your plans. Life evolves fast, and in that time you may have experienced the birth of a child, marriage or divorce. These events are a prime example of why you want to be sure your estate plan is reflective of the most current situation you are in. Every estate plan is different, let our law firm assist you with setting yours up today. Contact Laura D. Heard Law Firm Inc. today at (210) 775-0353 and let us support you.