Probate is essentially the verification of a will. The process of disbursing your estate after you pass away in a way that honors your wishes. That said, anytime items of value or finances are being administered, disputes can arise, for a variety of reasons. The most common dispute that comes out of probate is the contesting of the will. Some people who don’t feel like their share of the estate was fair could contest the will. This can hold up the entire probate and be very costly.

Hiring an experienced probate attorney to assist you throughout the probate process can help you avoid any serious pitfalls that can delay proceedings, effectively saving you time and money. Contact our estate planning law firm at (210) 775-0353 to get started today.

What Role Do Creditors Play in the Probate Process?

The executor of the estate isn’t just responsible for dispersing assets to beneficiaries, they are also in charge of settling any outstanding debts. Creditors who feel like the estate owes them can complicate and delay the entire probate process. A San Antonio probate attorney can deal creditors directly and handle paying off debt so you don’t have to. Get closure on the affairs of your estate by contacting our law firm today to get the help you need.

What Else Can Slow Down the Probate Process?

Sometimes, the person you listed as executor of the estate neglects their duties as administrator. They may not be handling the estate as needed, in which case beneficiaries of the estate can take legal action. You can avoid this contentious situation by hiring a probate lawyer in San Antonio who can help execute the estate smoothly and successfully.

Do I Need a Probate Attorney?

Probate can be incredibly complex and contentious without the right support to help guide you through the process. Probate doesn’t need to be stressful for your family. Laura D. Heard Law Firm Inc. is dedicated to simplifying the probate process for our clients. From handling beneficiaries to helping you execute the will, our experienced probate attorneys can help with all your needs. Call (210) 775-0353 to learn more about how our law rim can benefit you.